About Us

Hi, I’m Nico,
Co-founder of GUMM Nutrition.

Health can be as unpredictable as a stormy day. GUMM Nutrition provides you with an umbrella.

With such busy lives, many of us only pay attention to our health once we are ill. Chewing on GUMM Nutrition gummies won’t interrupt your days, but can provide you with the resilience to perform at your optimum.

Our Story

I was fortunate to have been raised surrounded by the beauty of nature whilst enjoying the fruits of the land. But when I started my healthcare career in London life became extremely different. Hustle and bustle, rushing here and there, continually racing against the clock, and worst of all, rarely finding time to stop and eat properly.

Although life was exhilarating, the sweet smell of the countryside had evaporated and I no longer felt the wind blowing through my hair. I often felt lethargic and sometimes a bit jaded. It became obvious to me that contemporary urban living made it easier to indulge in unhealthy eating, and harder to take time to correctly prepare and ensure an intake of vital nutrients.

My career was satisfying, however, I had a desire to create something which I was truly passionate about and, most importantly, would benefit others. I always had a deep interest in nutrition and vigorously researched food-related health as well as consulting with top nutritionists. I realised, more than ever, the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced eating regime. I became especially interested in the role taken by the immunity system in protecting the body. It can repair much of the damage that we unwittingly cause to our body.

Together with an innovative set of individuals immersed in the world of nutrition - and sharing the conviction that our health comes first – we embarked on developing a remedy for the health-assaulting lives we live: "A product that maximises our vitality and addresses age-related health deficiencies."

 We focussed on the challenge of finding the best assistance for living a fast-paced life whilst staying healthy. And enabling people to gain these benefits in a pleasing and convenient manner.

Introducing GUMM Nutrition - Immune Support gummies

Many studies have been conducted and invariably reach the same conclusion: natural foods, if taken in the right combination and measures, can provide one with a significant boost. Many health and immunity problems can be reduced and even reversed.

Having worked unrelentingly on establishing the optimum antidote to the ‘living fast whilst staying healthy’ challenge, we are delighted and privileged to present the answer: GUMM Nutrition - Immune Support gummies.

GUMM Nutrition - Immune Support is an expertly formulated and finely hewn immunity-support product. Whilst it is just as convenient to carry around as most essential vitamins, you don’t need to swallow GUMM Nutrition - Immune Support gummies. They are really pleasant to chew and simultaneously are absorbed into the body system.

We have arrived at the optimum blend: Vitamin C, D2, E, B6, B12, Magnesium, Zinc, and other vitamins, all combined in rigorously researched measures from mineral sources that have been at the heart of healthy living for centuries. And, very importantly, we have chosen not to use artificial sweeteners and minimised sugar intake.


Welcome to GUMM Nutrition: the health-boost you will enjoy.